Are you prepared to embark on an immersive journey into the realm of crystals?

Explore the art of crystal manifestation and discover the techniques to master your energy and achieve reality-shifting results.

This private-tuition course is designed to elevate you from beginner to confident crystal healing practitioner in under six months.

But this isn't your typical online crystal course - far from it!

Delve into the scientific foundation of crystals, mastering the blending of various crystal energies and honing the ability to identify and rectify energetic imbalances in body the physical and subtle energy bodies.

Uncover the secrets of crafting healing gemstone waters and elixirs, utilizing crystals for emotional healing and release, and enhancing your Law of Attraction practices with crystal energy.

Learn the intricacies of providing distance healing, delivering soothing crystal massages, utilizing a crystal pendulum, and creating potent crystal grids.

Discover techniques to shield and harness your energy, all while gaining insights into numerology, frequencies, subtle energies, and sacred geometry.

This course is the culmination of over a decade of experience, experimentation, and discovery, offering a uniquely personal creation that goes beyond the ordinary.

soul-full learning

Embark on a transformative journey with the Crystal Healing Practitioner course, a comprehensive course comprising 10 PRIVATE TUITION WORKSHOPS (20 modules) conducted fortnightly on Zoom.

Unlike conventional courses, our
workshops transcend theory, integrating practical exercises to enhance your learning experience.

Upon course completion, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion, following submission of homework and case studies, as a testament to your crystal mastery.

Why opt for pre-recorded videos when you can enjoy the vibrancy of LIVE workshops that are undeniably more enjoyable?

Engage in lively discussions, deepen your understanding, and enjoy a sense of soulfulness in your learning.

Meet your inspiring course tutor, Jade Marsh, the visionary behind Spirit Crystal Academy, a Quantum Coach and Energy Healer with more than a decade of expertise.

course outline

Module One
Delve into the fundamentals of crystal healing, encompassing crystals, minerals, rocks and gemstones. Explore the realms of holistic and vibrational healing, unravelling the scientific essence of crystals and understanding energetic fields.
Module Two
Navigate the intricate world of crystal systems and their healing applications. Examine crystal formations, including Vogel crystals, double-terminated crystals, enhydros, quartz formations, and Lemurian seed crystals.
Module Three
Master the art of selecting, cleansing, charging, and caring for your crystals. Learn about the Mohs hardness scale, dedicating your crystals, and programming to align with specific intentions.
Module Four
Forge a personal bond with your crystals as you delve into creating your crystal journal and honing your ability to sense energy. Develop intuition, explore a suggested crystal healing toolkit, and gain insights into wands, orbs, and man-made crystals.
Module Five
Ground yourself and your clients through passive and active grounding techniques, layouts, and post-healing session grounding practices.
Module Six
Discover crystals for protection, shielding your energy and spaces. Tackle challenges like psychic attacks, EMFs, clearing your energetic field, and dissolving energetic cords.
Module Seven
Journey through the energy centres (chakras), their color associations, and the significance of Sushumna, Ida and Pingala nadis. Address symptoms of unbalanced energy centres, and explore balancing techniques using crystals.
Module Eight
Harness the power of opposing colors for balance, amplify crystal energies, and explore advanced energy centres and crystal star formations.
Module Nine
Explore subtle energy bodies, master the art of combing and sealing the auric field, and learn techniques for repairing holes in the auric field. Delve into the meridian system for holistic healing.
Module Ten
Uncover the mysteries of pendulums, crystal massage, and crystal meridian massage.
Module Eleven
Navigate the world of crystals for anxiety, stress and worry, including body layouts for managing these challenges.
Module Twelve
Explore crystals for insomnia, tap into your inner guidance system, and strengthen intuition. Understand the importance of emotional healing, and delve into emotional healing practices with crystals, including body layouts.
Module Thirteen
Journey into meditation with crystals, connect with the angelic realm, and explore crystals for dream work and lucid dreaming.
Module Fourteen
Dive into the world of gem elixirs, gemstone waters, crystal beauty treatments, and discern toxic crystals.
Module Fifteen
Receive insights into structuring a healing session, ensuring client comfort, and creating a conducive healing space.
Module Sixteen
Gain proficiency in initial and concluding discussions, and maintaining client notes and records.
Module Seventeen
Explore the ideal positioning of crystals in your environment, engage in energetic space clearing, and master the art of gridding a space. Contribute to earth healing through your crystal practices.
Module Eighteen
Extend crystal healing to animals and plants, and discover crystals suitable for babies and children.
Module Nineteen
Unleash your creative side with crystal mandalas, crystal manifestation grids, and explore distance healing techniques. Immerse yourself in sacred geometry principles.
Module Twenty
Journey into manifesting with crystals, utilizing them to shift your frequency, quantum jump and ultimately master your energy.

Unlock a transformative journey with our Crystal Healing Practitioner course, encompassing 20 workshops, totalling approximately 25 hours of enlightening tuition. The wealth of knowledge is complemented by lifetime access to all recorded modules, allowing you the flexibility to revisit the teachings at your convenience.

As a valued participant, you gain entry to the Crystal Healing Practitioner Student Portal, an enriching hub featuring printable worksheets, attachments, sacred geometry templates, body layouts and client record forms. This comprehensive resource empowers your continued growth and practice.

Benefit from expertly-crafted body layouts designed for emotional healing, anxiety alleviation, and stress relief. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion, a testament to your dedication and proficiency.

Moreover our commitment extends beyond the completion of the course, offering full and ongoing support. Your transformative journey doesn't end with the last workshop - it's a continuous evolution.

Upon mastering this course, you'll possess the skills to confidently advise, recommend and prescribe crystals to clients. Elevate your practice by offering professional crystal healing sessions, creating potent crystal manifestation grids, and performing distance crystal healing. Enhance your repertoire by including the soothing touch of crystal massage in your healing sessions.

Embark on this journey of crystal mastery, where each workshop unveils new dimensions of understanding. The tools you gain will not only elevate your practice, but also enrich your personal and spiritual growth.

“I recently completed the Crystal Healer Practitioner course with Jade and I have to say I absolutely loved it. The modules were very well put-together, filled with amazingly valuable and fascinating content but presented in a clear and easy to understand way. Jade is one of the most fun and supportive teachers I have ever met and her vast knowledge and love of crystals is contagious!”
- Jeanette, Ibiza

I have been interested in the healing power of crystals for a long time. I wanted to find a course I could complete at a slow pace in the comfort of my own home. When Jade Marsh came into my life I felt like I had found the missing part of the puzzle.
Jade was everything & more I wanted in a teacher. This wonderful course is perfectly created, each module is downloadable, meaning the course content is yours for life to refer back to when needed. There is also a student portal that is very helpful and a lovely balance of material, pictures and videos.This course has been such a rich & rewarding experience for me in so many ways. Jade I appreciate your wonderful teachings & engagement throughout this course, also your generosity & kindness. You truly are an inspiration.
- Emma, UK

Embark on a transformative journey with the Crystal Healing Practitioner course, offered at an investment of 1,300 euros (with flexible payment plans available)

For those seeking more information or interested in exploring further, simply send us a message here and we'll arrange a convenient time to chat.